Bridging the Gap-Oregon (BTGO) exists to help meet the needs of the sexually exploited through a collaborative effort among Community Partners.

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Bridging the Gap-Oregon’s main focus is to build a comprehensive, secure mobile app featuring advanced technology with an integrated alert system, directory of organizations and members, victim resource guide, and private in app messaging for law enforcement and victim advocates to use while on duty in the field.  

The BTGO app will serve both iOS and Android devices, and be downloadable from iTunes App Store and Google Play Store. The app will be developed to be scalable in the future with features for a mass centralized communication system for city, state and national agencies.

The initial app is currently being built for those serving sexually exploited victims. This app will be a platform for other governmental or social service agencies to have a similar app built. Examples include Dept. of Human Services (immediate placement and resources for children); housing bureaus (for urgent housing or addressing the homeless needs); domestic violence centers, etc.  Apps for these agencies could potentially save government agencies millions of dollars in staff hours, resources, and crisis/emergency funds, while simultaneously filling immediate needs without the burden.

Our three year plan is to create a mobile app for nine cities that have the highest rate of human trafficking and a collaborative task force model in place. Please contact us if your city or agency is interested in having an app built. Other planned BTGO activities will include providing Trauma Informed Training to victim advocates, law enforcement, and other community groups.

To accomplish this monumental goal, we need your help! We are seeking partnerships and donations of approximately $75,000 to build the initial app plus additional funds to continue building app for each city. Please contact us if you would like to partner with us.