Bridging the Gap-Oregon History and FUTURE


Bridging the Gap founding members: Officer Mike Gallagher, Pastor Marc Estes, Darlene Domenigoni, Craig Wishart, Dianna Rogers, receive the Commendation Medal from the Portland Police Bureau for creating the BTG website.

HISTORY: BTGO is a long time-vision of Officer Mike Gallagher, Portland Police Bureau Sex Trafficking Unit. Over the years, Mike would spend countless hours tracking down resources for sexually exploited victims, and at the same time, had organizations offering to help, but no way to effectively and efficiently communicate with them. His idea was to fill the gap by communicating, in real time, the urgent needs to organizations that have the resources to help. Leaders of the community helped Mike form BTGO in January 2014, operating as a group of volunteers. In June 2014, BTGO developed an intranet website to provide law enforcement and victim advocates with a communication portal to meet victim needs. Through the website, information was distributed immediately to approved users, who were part of a governmental agency, 501(c)(3) organization, or church, via a push notification system which allows direct communication with one another to meet the need. In May 2015, BTG leaders were awarded the Portland Police Bureau Commendation Medal for creating the BTG website, which has provided resources for hundreds of victims.

FUTURE: The new app will be built on a comprehensive platform that provides more information and services than the previous website. There are many success stories over the years with the website and we are excited how the new mobile app will impact thousands of victims locally, nationally, and globally.